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sCal: View v.0.8 or v.0.9 or DownLoad sCal2, etc.
(Download is about halfway down the SourceForge Project Page)

        sCal - is a small, scientific and engineering, programmable calculator, providing dozens of customizable unit conversions and procedures.
        sCal2 - is an expansion for data handling--multiplying capabilities to hundreds of factors/procedures with a more systematic input-prompt/output-label scheme.
        Both - are free (Public Domain and GNU-GPL, respectively) and written in JavaScript for safety, portability and modification of Open Source code.

If you want a closer look at sCal, click on the thumbnails: either version 0.8 (top left) or 0.9 (middle). You won't get some ful-sized, static screen shot that you can poke all day, and never see how sCal works. For about 37 kb of download effort, you'd only get to see how sCal looks under my selection of operating system and browser---

Any of Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, or Mobile 2003 with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5/6, PIE'03, Netscape 6 / Mozilla 1, or Opera 7...though not all combinations. If you're on a low MicroSoft diet (i.e Apple Macintosh, Palm, Linux, etc.) and are willing do-it-yourself, click on the Q / A link below.

If you click on these, you'll get (in 24 or 20 kb, on your platform) the real sCal:
    • a Simple Calculator: all the basic operators (and a few more) in the lower keypad;
    • a Scientific and Conversion Calculator: with functions chosen from the upper drop-down menus, and invoked (as appropriate) by the [js] or [Do] buttons;
    • a Stop Watch / Countdown Timer: from the 2nd option of the 2nd drop-down: just [Do] the stopwatch (one of the most versatile you'll ever find), or [js] and enter the seconds to count down;
    • access to Example Procedures on a Higher Level: Financial Functions; Statistics (in ver.0.9); and (as a sample of the types of things a working professional might do) Open Channel Hydraulics;
    • a Platform to Easily do Your Own Programming: just by following the built in examples. All that's needed is a text editor (view/edit the source code, save it, refresh the browser) and the results will be available immediately. No time consuming, knowledge-intensive (and perhaps co$tly) compile step.

Unfortunately, sCal2 is not so easily obtained. Its 150-kb file size, 130-kb draft Documentation file, a copy of the GNU General Public License, and a slew of small image files is a little too big to link directly. Its all available from the SourceForge Project Page (about halfway down the page) in an file. And also FREE, of course. sCal2 is sCal on steroids. It also serves as a repository of JScrAps transferable to sCal: expanded Conversion Factors, Mathematics, Materials, Physics, Chemistry, Structures, Hydrology, Surveying, etc.--though most have to be adjusted for the lack of the n[0..20] I/O array--a deficiency to be rectified in version 1.0.

    You don't have to program anything if you don't want to. Maybe 'Easily' and 'Programming' don't belong in in the same phrase, but programming doesn't get any easier than in sCal. Yes, it demands a bit of precision and attention to detail. Even running sCal can take some experience. The Slide Rule was like that--though a lot worse (remember your formula, keep track of where you are, and decimal places?--what are those?) Still, science and engineering students (known for precision and attention to detail) mastered the old days. Now they're memorizing the cryptic symbols on the tiny keys of $100 programmable calculators.

    sCal addresses higher functions with short names, joined to user accessable code--JScrAps--JavaScript Applications: litterally 'scraps' of number- and data-crunching instructions. The skeleton of sCal ('sCal-eton', get it?) takes care of storing and retrieving the JScrAps, selecting how to submit them to the JavaScript eval('JScrAp') method; and presents the output.

    JScrAps are modular, (with some modification now, none needed in ver.1.0), can be rearanged, slipped into or out of specific versions of sCal--on a desktop, a Pocket PC, whatever has JavaScript. JavaScript is sitting there in every modern browser, waiting to be harnessed to do some really useful, and very powerful, work.

    There's more. A Swiss Army knife may not have the best screwdriver you own. And sometimes you need exactly the right screwdriver. But you can't always carry around a 50-pound tool chest. Check out the Q/A.....

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